Empower drivers with the tools to realize their true safety potential with effective strategies to navigate today’s traffic environment.

SafeRoads® training helps drivers get there safely to get the job done.
By far, the most important economic benefit of safe driving is that empowered workers are able to do the job they were hired to do. Factor in the human benefits and traffic safety is workplace training you can’t afford to overlook.
With delivery across Canada, SafeRoads® training will help your company achieve the best safety record possible. Contact us today to know how SafeRoads® training is the right fit for your organization.


SafeRoads® training is exclusively for the business community.

Private, behind-the-wheel training is focused on each individual driver.

One-on-one training is time efficient and a productive approach to quality training for busy personnel who make driving safety a priority while getting the job done.

SafeRoads® courses are designed for new hires, tenured personnel and drivers who exhibit high risk behaviours.

Detailed performance reports provide the company with file documentation for health & safety record keeping.

Who we are?

SafeRoads® traffic safety professionals offer a wealth of knowledge and experience with training licensed drivers. With over twenty five years in the business, SafeRoads® management has the resources to work with your fleet safety team and EHS leaders.


Doug Annett   |  Director of Operations  |  SafeRoads Canada® Programs

Watch a preview of SafeRoads® Driver eLearning.

SafeRoads® Driver eLearning helps drivers gain the knowledge to meet the demands of today’s evolving roadways and automotive technologies. Help your personnel learn ways to reduce risk, implement strategies for collision prevention and how to become empowered drivers that will make a difference for themselves, their families and the company.

Participants will explore driver behaviour and motivation for safe driving, physics of vehicle dynamics and the systems and procedures that support daily driving habits. Designed for licensed drivers, SafeRoads® Driver eLearning is for anyone who operates a company vehicle or drives on company business.

A combination of video, animation, illustration and text, SafeRoads® Driver eLearning is interspersed with multiple choice questions that require 100% answer accuracy. Summary review quizzes reinforce content understanding and retention.

With solid Canadian content, SafeRoads® Driver eLearning can support behind-the-wheel training or stand alone for a comprehensive theory based program. Contact us to know more about user options, platform requirements and pricing.

With delivery across Canada, SafeRoads® training will help your company achieve the best safety record possible. Contact us today to know how SafeRoads® training is the right fit for your organization.


Delivery at Major Centres



SafeRoads® Practical Traffic Skills Course

The SafeRoads® Practical Traffic Skills Course offers behind-the-wheel training with strong building blocks, developing safer drivers through a thoughtful examination of strategic concepts for safe driving. SafeRoads® Driver eLearning prepares drivers for the personalized in-vehicle training session that will reinforce habits and skills which better deal with high risk traffic zones. Drivers learn how to integrate safely with other road users, manage traffic demands and minimize risk in their driving territories through interactive coaching with a professional trainer.


SafeRoads® Driver Assessment

Drivers who present high risk behaviour associated with speeding infractions, collisions or other incidents benefit from a supportive, confidential setting to assess current skill and abilities. The SafeRoads® Driver Assessment is a necessary tool for drivers who are struggling with performance standards and need remedies for future prevention.


SafeRoads® ProFit Driver Review

Tenured drivers who have attended previous SafeRoads® training have past learning reinforced through the SafeRoads® ProFit Driver Review. Intended to build on each driver’s strengths and highlight areas in need of improvement, this format is ideal for the experienced driver with core training topics punctuated with items specific to the driver’s territory concerns.

SafeRoads®MindBuilders offers traffic safety presentations delivered on site at your workplace. Choose from a variety of seasonal topics and durations. MindBuilders gives drivers up-to-date traffic safety Canadian content with solutions for pro-active habits for collision prevention techniques. Ideal for lunch ‘n learn, company safety days, sales meetings and employee wellness initiatives. Contact us to learn more.

Every winning team has a game plan that starts with strong leadership. SafeRoads® can help with the building blocks that contribute to your overall traffic safety success. We can review and make recommendations for your fleet selector list, vehicle model options and equipment trim levels, explore fleet statistics and trending, and provide you with an impartial viewpoint to achieve your traffic safety objectives. Empowering a fleet that clocks safe kilometre after safe kilometre is the result that every company strives for. The question to ask is “What resources do you need to get you there?”



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